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The core of an SMWire newswire press release has been engineered for true Social Media Press Release Distribution. Your release elements will be presented to your specific targeted audience in Social Media Portals such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Photobucket and more creating a Social Media Mesh available to over 2.5 Billion people every 24 hours. We exclusively push your press release as a targeted display ad on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels for two weeks.  No other newswire offers this effective targeted social media service.


SMWire is the ONLY newswire which pushes your press release as a targeted ad on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This means your release is placed in front of your specific audience/customers in the major social media portals as well as the online syndicated news channels. We also provide real-time Google and Yahoo pickup statistics via our SMStats embedded into your release. The first 100 syndicated sites your release is published to is also embedded into your release for distribution reference.  No other newswire provides automated verification and statistics direct from your release on the SMWIRE press release pages on our network.


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